Earlier this week Japanese distributor Shochiku announced their release lineup for 2015-2016, which revealed the release window for the Love Live! School idol project movie to be during early this summer. 

According to the lineup report, the movie will be titled Gekijo-ban Love Live! (Love Live! the Movie), and will be premiering at some unspecified point during early summer 2015. The tagline for the movie also reads, “Please! Fulfill our dream…” The movie was officially announced at the end of the second anime television season of Love Live! School idol project last June, and that production was already green-lit and underway. Reports last August also previously stated that the movie would be scheduled for release during Spring 2015. 

Crunchyroll is currently streaming the Love Live! series, and NIS America has licensed it for release in North America. The multimedia project is co-developed by Dengeki G’s Magazine, Lantis label and Studio Sunrise, and has released multiple music CDs as well as two video game spinoffs for android OS and PS Vita. 

-Andrew (Head of A7)

Picture via Love Live! tumblr

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