Starting off today’s Nintendo Direct was a trailer for the next installment in the Fire Emblem series, which is currently being developed for Nintendo 3DS by the Fire Emblem: Awakening team.

No title for the game has been announced yet, although it is currently being called “Fire Emblem if” in Japan. Yusuke Kozaki will be returning once again for character designs, and Nintendo has brought in Shin Kibayashi to script the story. Kibayashi is a Japanese mangaka who is known for his work on Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess, Kunimitsu no Matsuri, and Kindaichi Case Files

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated that the gameplay in this latest installment will be very different from past Fire Emblem games, and that decisions made with the new choice system will have more of an impact on story than any previous game in the series. “You will make even bigger choices and the effect of these choices on the world will be even greater than ever,” Iwata stated. The new Fire Emblem is apparently also going to be much more challenging than previous games.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Fire Emblem news to come, including when Nintendo plans to announce the project’s full title.

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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