During this morning’s Nintendo Direct, viewers were treated to a new trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles X, courtesy of Monolith Soft. The trailer exposes more of the game’s gigantic new world and, well, it looks pretty damn cool.

Hell, there’s so many different terrains and environments you travel through that I’m almost reminded of the lush environments from Space Dandy Episode 9. A bit of dialogue is given at both the beginning and end of the trailer, which tell us a little bit about the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles X. The game follows the members of a space fleet which crash lands on the nearby planet of Mira after being shot down during a space battle with some familiar enemies. The survivors deem the planet inhabitable and decide to start a colony on Mira in order to begin their new way of life.

Not only did we get overloaded with gorgeous scenery, but we also got to see the new mechs in action and see how players will travel across landscapes–either on foot, or by flight in these new machines. Everything appears to be open-world, with cliffsides that players can even jump hundreds of feet from. 

A release date of March 27th has been announced for Japan. No word yet on when the stateside release will be, but the trailer confirms that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be coming out sometime this year.

In other related news, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, a port of the original Wii game for the New Nintendo 3DS, is scheduled to be released in the U.S. sometime this April.

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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