Reports are coming in all across the internet that indicate long-running video game journalism site Joystiq will soon be shutting down after over 10 years of activity.

The shut down is a result of AOL’s company wide restructuring, caused by some overall fiscal losses within the past several years. The original report from Recode refers to this as “an extensive house-cleaning of [AOL’s] underperforming content properties.” The date at which Joystiq will be closing up shop remains to be determined, but the Joystiq staff has addressed the matter on their website personally, stating, “we’re still working until we can’t.” In other words, the site will still continue to operate as normal until that date arrives. And damn, do we respect them as professional journalists for that.

Even the staff isn’t sure of the specifics concerning Joystiq’s closure or future use of its properties, but assures us that they will update when they learn more. Joystiq’s humorous comment on the matter can be seen in its entirety here. Joystiq originally began as a branching-out of sister site Engadget and part of the Weblogs network before both were acquired by AOL in 2005. 

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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