A game designer from Bungie has attempted to put out a raging fire in the hearts and minds of Destiny’s most passionate players. 

Luke Smith, the designer in question, briefly commented via NeoGAF on the efforts Bungie are going through in order to not repeat “mistakes [they] made with the DLC1 economy”.

If you’ve been playing Destiny since around the launch of DLC1 – The Dark Below – you will have experienced a slight overhaul of the in-game economy. Perhaps, like many others, you then found the new systems in place (exotic resets, new purchasable gear being superior to the gear you work for in the Vault of Glass raid, purchasable upgrade materials, etc.) to be pointlessly reductive to players’ hard work, then hopefully Smith’s words will come as a relief.

Said Smith, “Our philosophy about rewards/loot continue to evolve as we see how players play and react,” which is another way of saying that Bungie are learning as they go, and cutting them a bit of slack might be beneficial for everyone involved. 

An image that appears to outline Bungie’s near future plans for Destiny recently surfaced on the internet, and gave us a good idea of when DLC2 should be within reach. No doubt quotes like these from Smith are intended to reassure Destiny fans that upcoming content for the game are worth sticking around for.


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