The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflixand Nintendo are in the early stages of developing a live-action television
series for the popular Legend of Zelda

yet has fully been revealed. The Wall
Street Journal
 reports that “a person familiar with the matter” has been informed of the general plot
of the series, giving details any Zelda
fan would already know. There’s a young man named Link who must rescue the
princess Zelda and save Hyrule. This unnamed person also describes the show as
a “family friendly ‘Game of Thrones.’”
This is an interesting comparison, but still rather vague.

leaves a lot for speculation. There are multiple timelines the writers can use,
having varying plots depending on the specific point in each timeline. Also, as
of right now, there is no writer assigned to this project, so the choice of
when in the continuity to begin may change as more positions are filled on the
development team. The writer can definitely make or break this show, so
hopefully a suitable one will be found, preferably someone well versed in the
source material.

also is not the first time Nintendo has been involved in television series.
However, it has been over 20 years since The
Legend of Zelda
and The Super Mario
Bros. Super Show!
, both of which were aired in 1989. The main reason for
this is that the shows, albeit quirky, were not very successful. There are some
who really enjoy the shows, probably for the aforementioned quirkiness, but the
lack of success has made Nintendo wary of jumping back into Hollywood.

or not this show will turn out well, or even finish production, is yet to be
seen. There are a lot of things that need to be done before any significant
progress can begin. Until this is fully announced, neither Nintendo nor Netflix
will give any full information on this project. This is probably for the best
in case it doesn’t come to fruition.

have to be taken in order to fully succeed, so hopefully this turns out to be a
worthwhile endeavor for Nintendo and Netflix. We will make sure to report on
any future updates on this project’s progress.

(Right Bicep of A7)

Picture via joshua.klein, Kotaku’s hilarious ‘Shop Contest which you can view here.

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