Get your Nervegears ready, Toonami Faithful! Adult Swim’s Toonami program just announced on their tumblr page earlier today that Sword Art Online II will be joining the block’s schedule starting March 21st!

The announcement was first made at Aniplex of America’s Katsucon panel today, revealing that the dub of Sword Art Online II will premiere on Toonami beginning March 21st, @ 1:00AM EST. The entire dub cast from the first season will be returning, joined by Michelle Ruff (Bleach, Gurren Lagann) who will be playing Sinon. 

Sitting at the 1AM timeslot, SAO II will air right after Kill la Kill at 12:30AM, meaning that two of the industry’s most popular anime from the past year will be airing their dub premieres back to back. Combined with Gurren Lagann, we will now be seeing three Aniplex shows on the Toonami schedule at once instead of the usual total of just one show. 

Toonami promises more details will be revealed as we get closer to the premiere date. Noticeably, the announcement on Toonami’s site lists SAO II to be premiering on March 21st, while the report on Anime News Network claims the date to be March 28th. For now we’ll assume the correct date to be the one straight from its source, Toonami, until clarification has been reached. 

The second season of SAO finished airing in Japan on December 20th last year, and the first season premiered on Toonami during August, 2013. 

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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