Square Enix announced at the Japan Amusement Expo on Saturday that a new Dissidia Final Fantasy game is in the works for release in Japanese arcades later this year.

Created in celebration of the franchise’s 30th Anniversary, Square Enix has been teasing this latest installment in the Dissidia series for the past couple weeks now through a teaser site. Little about the arcade title was announced during its reveal, but it was confirmed that Dissidia Final Fantasy will support 3 vs. 3 battles this time around, and the battle system has been rebuilt from the ground up. Final Fantasy XIV character, Y’shtola, will also be appearing as a playable character.

Little else is currently known about the title, and no release date or window has been given yet. However, this is definitely more than just a port of the previous PSP Dissidia games for arcade play–this is an entirely new fighting game with a fresh feel for a new generation. Many gamers overseas are currently hoping for a home console release if the game performs well (which it most likely will). 

More details will be revealed during a press conference on April 10th. Until then, feel free to check out the newly updated Dissidia teaser site, which is currently pretty empty save for the trailer and concept art. But the music is phenomenal, and sure to get you hyped as we wait for more details to surface.

-Andrew (Head of A7)

Story via DualShockers

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