Join Andrew, Tre, Ed and Tony as they discuss news in both the anime and video game industries, and their opinions on recent anime from past seasons! Also, fast food impressions!

Welcome to the newest segment on, the Advent Seven Podcast! Each month, we’ll be putting out a new podcast where we discuss the latest in anime, video games, comic books, movies, and other various topics! We hope you’ll enjoy this series, and please send us any feedback you might have either through our tumblr inbox or on Twitter @Advent_Seven. We may even answer a few of your questions on the show! 

**NOTE: This episode was recorded on March 6th, 2015, so a few of our dicussed topics may be a bit dated. Rest assured, as we produce more podcasts our episodes will be finished and released in a more timely manner.

***Editor’s Note: In regards to the Sword Art Online 2 English dub premiere date on Toonami, at the time this podcast was recorded the original announcement on Toonami’s tumblr page read March 21st as the release date. The premiere date was later corrected by Toonami to be March 28th instead, which occurred a few days after recording finished.

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