My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax EPISODE 1 RECAP | The A7 Podcast

We are back! Join Andrew, Tre and Spencer as they discuss the return of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, their thoughts on Episode 1 of Season 3, and their predictions for the series finale!

Boy, it’s been over 4 years since Advent Seven has published any content. For anyone taking the time to read this, we thank you for your interest or continued support. After much discussion, the A7 crew decided to return once more due to a very special anime making its grand return after an equally-long hiatus. That anime is My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

SNAFU has been a big favorite among our team since 2013, the year when both season 1 premiered and our site launched. Many of us didn’t even think a third season would happen! But after half a decade, our wishes were granted and we will now see the story of The Service Club come to an end. In order to celebrate this monumental occasion, we decided to start a podcast about Season 3! 

Each week for the next three months, we will release a new podcast on YouTube that recaps the latest episode of Season 3, the crew’s thoughts about it, and where we foresee the show going. There might also be some jabs at each other’s “best girl” sprinkled in too. So please, after you’ve had a chance to watch the latest episode of SNAFU Climax, tune into our podcast and join us for a fun-filled discussion. We hope to see you there!


Andrew (Head of A7)

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