The Tragical Comedy Or Comical Tragedy Of Mr. Punch Review


Literature has been inspired by timeless traditions and old stories. When a story is inspired by a sadistic puppet, you know you’re about to read something unique. 

The Tragical Comedy Or Comical Tragedy Of Mr. Punch was written by Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Marvel 1602, Coraline, American Gods), illustrated by Dave McKean (The Sandman, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, Coraline, The Graveyard Book) and published by Vertigo. It’s about a man remembering a time during his childhood where he spent three weeks with his grandparents and went to his grandfather’s arcade. In that arcade was a Punch and Judy theatre, where a puppeteer would come and perform the comical tragedy of Mr. Punch. Mr. Punch, for those who don’t know, is one of fictions worst fathers, husbands and neighbors.

I couldn’t help but love the story, because I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan.memory of me reading every single volume of The Sandman over the course of two months. Neil Gaiman is one of the best writers working today, and more evidence of this is found in Mr. Punch. The story flows very well, like all Neil Gaiman stories do, and the characters in the story are great. The character I liked th most was the main character. It was fun watching him learn about Mr. Punch and having fun at his fathers arcade. Another character I liked was Mr. Punch. He’s the kind of bad guy that you can’t help but root for. Any character that can punch out the devil and win is awesome. This book is classic Neil Gaiman, which is awesome because no one can do Neil Gaiman’s style quite like Neil Gaiman.

The artwork by Dave McKean is a high point of this graphic novel. Each and every panel of Mr. Punch is like a painting worth of an art museum. Dave McKean’s art style is second to none, and this graphic novel is probably better than anything he has done for Sandman. There are a lot of pictures that are what McKean drew mixed with a photograph. Those pictures are my favorites, but overall there isn’t a bad looking panel in the entire graphic novel. Heck, even the speech panels are awesome. You can tell that a lot of time and care went into the artwork of Mr. Punch.

In conclusion The Tragical Comedy Or Comical Tragedy Of Mr. Punch is the perfect book for all Neil Gaiman fans as well as people who are looking for a first Neil Gaiman story. This also a great story for anyone looking for a great story.

Rating: 8.5/10

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