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As I’m sure you all know there is a new Batman movie coming out next year. I think that this movie has potential and that it shouldn’t be disregarded as just another Batman movie. In order to help ensure Robert Pattinson has a good recovery from Covid-19, I’ll send positive vibes his way by heaping praises on the new trailer.

This film, hands down has the most interesting designs for Batman characters that viewers have seen since the Dark Knight trilogy. So much so that I think it’s worth noting for comparison. 

Let’s start with the villain’s. Colin Farrell was barely recognizable as The Penguin. He looks like the most comic book accurate Penguin since Danny DeVito. Hopefully he gets more screen time in the next trailer but for now, I think he looks quite Penguiny. 

Catwoman has a nice DIY look to her too. I like this look more than Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. I’ll take Balaklava ear nubs over generic goggles any day, specifically because they remind me of the ears Catwoman had in the amazing animated series from 90s. 

The Riddler’s look is the biggest departure from comic book design out of all the villains we see in the trailer. He has a Jigsaw quality to him that I really like. Having red be the Riddler’s color instead of green is an interesting choice.


 The last character design that must be covered is Bruce Wayne/Batman. Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne looks like an emo kid who never got out of the phase. He looks like he got back from the Black Parade after panicking at a disco. Probably not an original joke but it’s just the best way to describe him. 

I do like that they’re showing Bruce Wayne’s heroic side, which is something I love about the character. Bruce has to always be the hero even when he’s not suited up as Batman. I hope he has a moment similar to Ben Affleck’s Metropolis scene or Christian Bale’s hospital car crash scene. 

Speaking of suited up, I do like the new batsuit. It has the best parts of both the Arkham and Dark Knight suits. His cowl looks like a more badass version of the Adam West cowl. More practical too, the eye covers being a nice touch. Eye covers being built into the mask makes way more sense than putting on goggles.

If their goal was to have the same tone as the classic Batman graphic novel The Long Halloween, then they hit the nail on the head. While that hasn’t been confirmed, it definitely feels like that story has an influence here. Considering this is a Batman who has only been Batman for two years, and the Long Halloween was a Batman story that took place early in his career.


You feel how Gotham is the crime riddled mess it was when Batman just started being Batman. Jim Gordon looks like he’s had it with the bullcrap and is really relying on Batman for help.

I do hope that a pre Two-Face Harvey Dent shows up. It looked like Peter Sarsgaard was going to play Harvey Dent, but looks like he’s playing a different Gotham district attorney. If I were to have someone play Harvey Dent I’d have to choose Bill Skarsgard, because he is similar in age and he can play a menacing character like how he played Pennywise in the It movies.

I think this movie is important because it will bolster DC’s burgeoning multiverse. This is the multiverse that was technically started by the film Joker, the CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths, and will be further bolstered by the Andy Mushetti Flash movie.

It will fix the problem that all reboots cause, which is an inherent disregard and erasing of previous work. It will allow all previous works to coexist together in one universe. R. Pat’s Batman will be able to exist with and possibly team up with Ben Affleck’s Batman. 

Multiverses are a staple of comics, and they would allow for other filmmakers to make unique and different versions of DC characters. 2019’s Joker is the perfect example of this, and will be a flag bearer for other films like it.

Hopefully you are now just as excited for the new Batman movie as I am, or at least can see why somebody would want to see it. I hope that production continues smoothly and that nobody else tests positive for Covid-19.


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