Sweet Tooth Review | SERIES REVIEW

Sweet Tooth is an
unexpected delight with a wonderful main character. It’s a bright story that
can be enjoyed by young and old across the planet. The Netflix Original series
is based on the DC/Vertigo comic of the same name by Jeff Lemire and was
executively produced by Robert Downey Jr. It stars Christian Convery, Nonso
Anozie, Stefania LaVie Owen, Adeel Akhtar, Daniel Ramirez, Neil Sandilands, Amy
Seimetz, and Will Forte.

It’s about a deer
hybrid boy named Gus (played by Convery) who leaves his hidden home after his
father dies to find his missing mother. He is joined by former football player
Tommy “Big Man” Jepperd and pro-hybrid freedom fighter Bear.

The story takes place
10 years after a global pandemic ravages the world and reshapes society. After
the start of the pandemic human children begin to be born as human and animal
hybrids, which creates more chaos as The Sick (the nickname for the virus)
spreads. Alongside the main story we see the stories of Dr. Aditya Singh, a
doctor trying to make a cure for the H5G9 virus, and Aimee Eden, a creator of a
safe zone for hybrid children.

Every character in
the show is hunted and affected by General Abbott and the Last Men, a
xenophobic group of hybrid hunters. They believe hybrids are abominations that
must be exterminated and experimented on.


This timely comic
book adaptation is a well-made adventure and coming-of-age story. The
previously sheltered Gus has to learn how to survive in this new world he’s
been thrust into very quickly, a challenge to him at first due to having been
hidden in the wilderness of Yellowstone for a decade.

His father, played by
Will Forte, instilled an unyielding kindness and survival skills in Gus. An
excellent dramatic turn for Will Forte, showing great emotional range.

Gus is the heart of
this show in every episode. He’s an unlikely hero that goes on the journey of a
lifetime. It’s hard not to like him as he motivates Big Man and Bear and
experiences the new world around him.

It’s not your average
post-apocalyptic show. The world of Sweet Tooth is at times both savage and


Some parts of the
world have succumbed to nature and are worn down. Other parts are perfectly
normal, like the chaos of the pandemic never ripped it apart.

It’s also the most
well colored post-apocalyptic show I’ve seen. I compare it to the look of The
Hunger Games and some parts of Mad Max: Fury Road.

I recommend this show
to everyone looking for a change of pace. It has the drama and weight that
rivals an average HBO show but it doesn’t feel totally depressing like other
post apocalyptic shows. It may have too much of a YA vibe for some but I
suggest people give it a chance.

If you do decide to
check it out, what you’ll see is a heartwarming show with a talented cast and a
driving plot. It’s a show that’s not to be missed.

SCORE: 9/10

By Julian Hayden

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