Peacemaker Trailer 2 Review

The sad Chad with a hard-on for Old Glory is back in another trailer for his very own TV show. What more did we learn about the Star Spangled Douchebag this time around? Some, but not a lot.

We do learn that his new team is tasked with hunting down superpowered threats that the government wants eliminated. We also learn that Vigilante is a charming nitwit that really likes guns, but that was already kinda apparent. I like to think of him as Dorkpool. I believe the most important takeaway from this trailer is that Peacemaker might have a heart. He doesn’t like killing kids and he definitely doesn’t want anything to happen to his eagle.

Still not much is known about who the overarching villain of the whole series is, but it appears there are a lot of potential threats that Peacemaker’s team have to eliminate. From dangerous hookers to super strong construction workers, the America of the DCEU is chock full of super powered threats that Peacemaker needs to shotgun to death. How Superman is completely oblivious to all of this is beyond me.

Peacemaker’s dad is still a massive ass and Danielle Brook’s character Adebayo feels some amount of sympathy towards Peacemaker. The montage during the last minute of the trailer is a good showcase of the action to come over the course of the show’s eight episodes.

I am still very hyped up for the show and am thinking about making an overall review of the series. I might do an episode by episode review or do a review of the three episodes released on 1/13/22 followed by a full season review if my life and work schedule allows it. Either way, I know I will be making time to watch and absorb every minute of every episode of Peacemaker that comes out.

Peacemaker hits the small screen in less than a month on 1/13/22.

By Julian Hayden

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