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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for my penultimate review for Milestone Returns. That’s right folks, there’s only one more issue of Static to review after this one. I’ve loved reading and reviewing these series. I’m hoping that Static and the others will continue in one form or another. Before I get too sappy, let’s talk about the latest installments.

       Static: Season One #5 is written by Vita Ayala with art by Nikolas Draper-Ivey. Icon and Rocket: Season One #5 is written by Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills with art by Doug Braithwaite, Andrew Currie, and Brad Anderson. Hardware: Season One #3 is written by Brandon Thomas with art by Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Chris Sotomayor. Hardware was released on November 23rd, 2021. Static and Icon and Rocket were released on January 25th, 2022.

The following section contains spoilers for Static, Icon and Rocket, and Hardware


       Hardware #3 is titled “Silent Partners.” The issue begins with Curtis recalling his younger days working with Edwin Alva. Curtis remembers an argument between Alva and Asher, Alva’s business partner. After the argument, Alva had Asher removed from the company. Looking back on these events, Curtis recognizes there were signs that Alva could not be trusted.

       It has been over a week since Curtis escaped Dakota. Alva has not been able to locate him. At first, Alva’s people believed he was still in the city, but they only found a Bang baby with electric powers (Static). Using satellite tracking, they’ve noticed Curtis has been traveling to countries where he can blend in better and avoid detection.

       Curtis is currently in Singapore. He has managed to repair his suit for the most part, so that’s not the reason he’s stopped here. Curtis is here to meet an ally, Asher. When he arrives, Hardware is given a less than friendly welcome. Asher’s robot guards attack Hardware, but he makes quick work of them.

       After destroying several robots, Asher calls off the attack. He was curious about how well his “artificials” would fare against Hardware’s suit. Asher gives Hardware a tour of his facility, which is partially underwater. Hardware tells Asher why he’s here and asks for his guidance. Given Asher’s feelings toward Alva, he’s more than happy to help.

       While Curtis uses the lab to repair the damage to the suit, Asher receives a call from Alva. Alva has a deal for Asher: turn Curtis over to him, and Asher can have the source code back. Asher has 48 hours to decide.

       Hardware #3 is a setup issue. It creates a type of MacGuffin in the source code, but we have no idea what it is or what it does. A good character moment is when Curtis flies to Asher’s lab. He has a “Get Hype” playlist he listens to; he also had his suit take pictures of the sights of Singapore.

       As I’ve said before, the art style is not my favorite, but it conveys the themes very well. I rate this issue: 6.5/10.


       Icon and Rocket #5 is titled “Love in the Afternoon.” Raquel and her mother are staying with Augustus until their apartment is repaired. Raquel is returning to school since she’s been absent for a while. Raquel would rather be out righting wrongs, but Augustus is firm on his decision. On her way out, she talks to Augustus. Augustus explains who Benedict is and who he’s killed.

       At school, Raquel is annoyed by her teacher’s comments on the recent collapse of the drug trade. Raquel knows there’s still work to be done on a societal level. According to her teacher, the world seems to be better. After class, Virgil offers Raquel some encouragement from a fellow hero, but Raquel is not feeling it. The annoyances continue when Raquel’s ex-boyfriend, Ant, tries to win her back. Before things can get worse, a new kid asks Raquel if she can give him a tour. This is a ploy to get Raquel away from both Virgil and Ant.

       Meanwhile, Augustus has his meeting (date) with Xiomara. Xiomara explains that she works for “the Love Corps,“ an organization of women out to make the world better with their brand of “love.” Xiomara is also interested in inviting Raquel to join her. Their conversation is interrupted by an attack on Dakota Bridge. Icon and Xiomara battle the four assassins on the bridge and handle them easily. Too easily. Meaning one thing: it’s a trap. A large explosion detonates, engulfing the bridge in flames.

       Raquel is at a local burger joint chilling with the new kid, Bryce. After talking for a bit, Bryce invites Raquel out to his family’s lake house. Hesitating briefly, Raquel decides to hop in his car and go to the lake house. It’s not like he could actually hurt her, right? Well, once again, we learn that this is a trap. It turns out that Bryce is the shapeshifting bounty hunter, Benedict.

       Icon and Rocket #5 is a suspenseful penultimate issue. I wonder how the final issue will resolve the plot. It was a treat to see Virgil. It makes the Dakotaverse feel more connected. I liked how the classroom scene was written. It demonstrates the complexity of a serious issue with no correct answer, explaining the pros and cons of getting rid of all the drugs.

       Almost every panel is illustrated with golden hour lighting: the warm, soft lighting with balanced shadow work. The action is short but easy to follow. The title “Love in the Afternoon” could be referring to a Jerry Garcia Band song. I rate this issue: 7.5/10.


       Static: Season One #5 is titled “Prison Break.” Static is laid out on the ground. The lower half of his face burnt from Hotstreak’s attack. Static thinks this is it. He’s going to lie there and die. But he remembers if he dies, his friends are next. He can’t die. He reaches into his pocket and eats one of the glucose tablets that Sharon gave him. The tablet gives him a rush of energy. The burns begin to heal. Static stands, reenergized, ready to finish Hotstreak.

       Static and Hotstreak exchange blows again. Hotstreak is fighting to end Static permanently, while Static is just trying to stay alive and restrain Hotstreak. Following the flow of electricity, Static leads Hotstreak to a room filled with monitors. Reaching out with all his power, Static uses the wires to capture Hotstreak. Then, he shocks him until he passes out. Hotstreak has finally been defeated.

       After separating from Ritchie and Frieda, Darius locates the prisoners. Daisy is among them. She’s ok, except there’s a device in her neck that suppresses her powers and shocks her if she tries to use them. Ritchie and Frieda come across a room that has been utterly destroyed. We hear from one of the agents that all the labs have been gutted, but it was not Static.

       Static meets up with Darius and frees all the prisoners. He is even able to remove the devices from their necks. Static and Darius get in contact with Ritchie and Frieda. They realize it isn’t enough to just free the prisoners. They need to destroy the servers, too.

However, some of the other prisoners had other plans. Some of them were promised a lot of money, so they were there by choice. Static now has to face dozens of Bang Babies. Leading the crowd are some familiar faces from the 2000’s animated series: Shiv, D-struct, Onyx, Talon, and Puff.

Static #5, like every issue before it, is electrifying. Both the writing and art synergize so well. While the fight with Hotstreak was less detailed than the previous issue, the creative way Static incapacitates Hotstreak is true to the character. Nikolas added digital static to the background when Static used his powers on the monitors. Every full-page drawing is an action pose that makes me feel like I’m reading manga.

Vita’s writing holds your attention. There was a serious conversation between Darius and Virgil. One is letting his emotions drive his actions; the other is keeping a level-head. They are both right and wrong in their approach. Overall, I’m both excited and disappointed that this run is coming to an end. I rate this issue: 10/10.

Hardware #4 is due to be released on February 15th. Hardware #5 is set to release on April 5th. Static #6 may be released on February 22nd (not confirmed). No official date for Icon and Rocket #6.

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TL/DR: Hardware is in Singapore looking for help. 6.5/10

Rocket and Icon both went on dates that didn’t end well. 7.5/10

Static has defeated Hotstreak, but new enemies arise. 10/10

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