Lightyear Trailer 2 Review


Lightyear looks like The Martian meets Gears of War and I’m extra down for that. 

The film will star Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear as stated in the previous trailer review. Joining him is Peter Sohn as robot cat Sox as well as Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, James Brolin, Efren Ramirez, and Uzo Aduba in yet to be revealed roles.

What has been revealed is more about the plot and a certain character almost as famous as the film’s namesake. Buzz and the rest of his space ranger compatriots have been marooned on a jungle planet for a year. Their hope for escape from this dangerous world is with a mysterious crystal that can cause high speed space travel. Things change for the space rangers once Buzz encounters Emperor Zurg, and together Buzz and the rangers must stop Zurg and his soldiers.

I am really pleased with the design of Zurg. I was already satisfied with the character and costume designs for Buzz and his friends and I couldn’t wait to see what Pixar had planned for their new version of Buzz’s greatest enemy. They got it just so damn right. Big red eyes, imposing figure, and they even gave him his signature tri-barreled blaster. Buzz looks genuinely afraid whenever he fights him and I can’t wait to learn more about what makes Zurg do what he does.

I wasn’t too bothered by Sox the Cat. I can definitely understand why people wouldn’t like him but I found him to be silly and charming. His big eyes definitely stare through straight into your soul. We will only know for sure if Sox is the Jar Jar of this movie once we all go to the premiere.

I think one of the refreshing things about this upcoming film is that, while it draws heavily from sci-fi of the past, Lightyear doesn’t feel like it’s copying anybody. The action feels like it’s own style, the plot feels fresh, and the themes it includes feel like a good mix of hard and soft science fiction. It looks like the movie really will be a nice combination of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars

All in all I think that this trailer did a good job of generating more interest. It was cool to see Buzz fight Zurg and fly around in his spaceship. I see this movie, if it’s good, being as big as the Toy Story films. I can’t wait to have fun being launched into the newest adventure of the one and only, Buzz Lightyear.

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