Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness OFFICIAL TRAILER REVIEW

           The lid has been blown off the multiverse and Doctor
Strange is diving head-first into the swirling vortex. Which is an overly
complicated way of saying that this trailer is pretty fricken cool.

           Doctor Strange In The
Multiverse of Madness
stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange, Elizabeth Olsen
as The Scarlet Witch, Rachel McAdams as Dr. Christine Palmer, Chiwetel Ejiofor
as Baron Mordo, and Benedict Wong as Wong. New to the MCU is Xochitl Gomez as
America Chavez. Directed by Sam Raimi, Doctor Strange must brave the multiverse
in order to stop an evil version of himself.

           Almost 10 years to the day that The Avengers came out, Doctor
Strange ITMoM
takes us into a realm of the MCU that comic fans have known
about for decades. Spider-Man: No Way
was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to what the multiverse
has in store for the MCU, and Doctor
Strange ITMoM
will show off what a terrifying and beautiful mess a
multiverse can be.


           There will be monsters, other Stranges, quite possibly
Professor X, evil robots, and reality decay. The theory is that Professor X
will not only debut, but debut as part of the Marvel team The Illuminati. The
Illuminati were a secret team that included Professor X and Dr. Strange, who
would secretly meet and prepare for potential threats. Other original
Illuminati members were Iron Man, Namor, Mister Fantastic, and Black Bolt. It’s
rumored that the Ultron looking robots that arrest Dr. Strange are from The
Illuminati as well.

           It looks like the events of this film will take a
heavy toll on both Dr. Strange and Wanda. Wanda is still broken from the events
of WandaVision, and it looks like
part of the reason why she wants to help Dr. Strange is so she can find her
children. With terrors unimaginable coming through from every crack in our
dimension, Dr. Strange will need all the help he can get to stop those who wish
to ruin the MCU’s prime earth. Good thing Dr. Strange will be getting help from
his good buddy Wong, Marvel’s ultra powerful sorceress Wanda Maximoff, and a
teen who can kick holes in dimensions, America Chavez.


           I think that this film has the potential to blow the
original out of the water. The talent behind it is legendary, what we get to
see in the trailer is beyond cool, and the potential is just as high as the sky.
Marvel using magic to open their universe will be an expected but wholly
amazing way to take us film lovers deep into what could be the scariest part of
the MCU. Good thing they have Sam Raimi, the mega talented director behind The
Evil Dead, handling this movie. I know he directed something else but we all
know that The Evil Dead is what he’s
most famous for ;).

           The Sorcerer Supreme is on his way to save the world
from horrors beyond our wild imaginations. The MCU has come a long way in the
10 years since we got to see the Avengers together on screen. Many new heroes
have come since then, and of them all Dr. Strange is one of the most important.
I can’t wait to see what his newest adventure will bring to this now more
exciting MCU.

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