Peacemaker Season One REVIEW


           We’ve reached the end of a new James Gunn masterpiece. A show that gave us a new and memorable superhero performance and hours of entertainment.

           The final two episodes of the season were both really
good. Gunn saved the two best action set pieces for last, with the fight
against The White Dragon and the final showdown against the Butterflies. Seeing
Peacemaker deal with the trauma of losing his brother while fighting his
father, the man who caused him the most trauma and turned him into the twisted
killer Peacemaker is today, was powerful.

           Everyone on the team had moments to
shine in these last two episodes. It was cool seeing Economos wasting neonazi
klansmen and Adebayo going in guns akimbo and blasting away Butterflies.
Vigilante of course stole basically every scene he was in by being both
hilarious and a total badass.

           I never thought that John Cena would
be perfect for a superhero role, but that I can’t think of anyone else who I
would want to play Peacemaker. Which is crazy, conisdering all I knew about
this character before The Suicide Squad
was that he was the inspiriation for The Comedian. John Cena will be
inseparable from this role like how Hugh Jackman is inseparable from Wolverine.
Cena delivered every joke flawlessly and showcased an emotional depth that I
didn’t think he could reach. I ended up feeling bad for the Star Spangled
Douchebag a lot over the course of the series.

           This is one of my favorite superhero duos in a long
while. Freddie Stroma stole every scene he was in and paired with Cena well.
They both were hilarious together, sharing a brotherly dynamic that fit the
show perfectly. At first I kind of saw him as a Deadpool parody, but as the
show went on I just saw him as Vigilante.

           As we look to the future of this series I’d like to
throw out some hypotheticals for what season two could be about. If you don’t like
spoilers, skip on ahead to my final thoughts. Everything spoilery and
speculatory is in bold.

           A lot happened in
Episode Eight of Peacemaker. Goff,
the leader of the Butterflies, is still alive and has returned to Peacemaker so
he can take care of him. All the main members of the team are alive and so is
Judomaster, who returned to the site of the final showdown and was brought to
tears when he saw the barn destroyed and the Butterflies had been killed. The
biggest thing to happen is that Adebayo has blown the lid off of the Suicide
Squad, revealing its existence to the world. Amanda Waller was none too happy
about it.

           With The Suicide
Squad effectively being shutdown with the reveal, and all the main characters
except for Murn being alive, this means that a new superhero team full of
heroes like Peacemaker and Vigilante could take its place. That being Pax
Americana, funded through a new charity started by Peacemaker called The Pax
Institute. The Pax Institute is a charity that Peacemaker starts in the comics.
Pax Americana is the team Peacemaker is part of in The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1. Through the Pax Institute,
Chris and the team would go find heroes to join him and fight whatever new
threat has come to Earth.

           This team could be
made up of heroes from Charlton Comics, the company that owned the Peacemaker
character before it was bought by DC. Those characters being The Question,
Nightshade, Blue Beetle, and Captain Atom. The team could be a parody of the
Watchmen, which was itself based on the Charlton Comics characters before DC
told Alan Moore he could no longer use them. Another character that could join
Pax Americana is Magog, the dark hero from the story Kingdom Come that led a team with Peacemaker and the other Charlton
heroes on it called The Justice Battalion. That team also happened to have
Judomaster on it. Judomaster in season two could either get a chance to redeem
himself by joining Peacemaker or attempt to get revenge on Peacemaker for
killing the Butterflies. My guess is the latter would be what happens.

           If Gunn does use Kingdom Come as a story
source for the second season of Peacemaker,
then I’d hope that Peacemaker could have his costume from Kingdom Come.

           I think it would be cool looking but would
also set up a lot of jokes about how he’d look like Boba Fett or Mando.

           Regardless of where this show goes, as of now I think
James Gunn has helped the DCEU out immensely. He’s made not one but two amazing
pieces of art and he has helped expand the DCEU to the small screen. Warner
Bros deciding to fully step back and let James Gunn let his visions come fully
to fruition was a wise decision. Especially Considering Warner Bros meddled in
the past, which caused problems not only for the first Suicide Squad but other
films in the DC film franchise.

           This show has been a solid 9.1/10 since the beginning
and that is what I’m going to stick with. Peacemaker
has been something I’ve been looking forward to since The Suicide Squad came out and I’m so glad it delivered. I can’t
wait to see what comes next for the show and to see what James Gunn has planned
for his other show coming out. If you haven’t watched Peacemaker yet then you better so you can laugh out loud and feel
gut-wrenching sadness (in a good way) like the rest of the fans of the show.

Ep.7: Stop Dragon My Heart Around 9.1/10

Ep.8: It’s Cow or Never 9.2/10

Peacemaker Season One: 9.1/10

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