Morbius Final Trailer Review

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With our last look at the Morbius movie, we get new looks at characters and a reminder of what happens when you shoot at a vampire.

I still like seeing Morbius take down bad guys with his vampire powers. I consider it a more stylish version of Kryptonian combat like we saw in Man of Steel. I hope that the trailer hasn’t shown us all the best fight scenes. We also get a few more glimpses of Morbius looking more like his comic book self, with sharp teeth and a gaunt face. It makes you wish he was fighting Spiderman.

     This poor movie has been pushed and pushed for two long years. I was ready to review it this January but Sony decided reshoots were needed. Supposedly the reshoots were done to add more Vulture (Gamerant), fix script issues (Flickering Myth), and connect more to No Way Home (CBR). I’m old and wise and know that when a comic book film goes through extensive reshoots, there’s a high chance that the final product will be ten tons of dog shit.

      Nevertheless, it was cool to see more of Adrian Toomes in this trailer. I can’t tell yet if he’ll be a good or bad influence on Morbius, but he is interested in him. I’m glad we got to finally see Matt Smith’s Loxias Crown. He is the film’s villain and wants Morbius to fully give into the monstrous side of his vampirism. He has the same blood disease as Morbius, so I’ll bet he will also try to get the same abilities as Morbius.

      Other than a few more character moments and some more fighting, not much new is shown. Whether that’s because there’s more waiting to be seen or what we’ve seen is the coolest stuff Morbius has to offer, we won’t know until we see the film. If the film is good, I would like him to jump through the multiverse and fight either Tom Holland’s or Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman.

      Morbius will now finally premiere on April 1st, 2022. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t pull a prank on us and actually give us a good movie. Considering how the Venom movies were fun, but not at a level I would consider to be called good superhero movies, Morbius has a chance to really set itself apart from the Venom films and be the face of Sony’s Spiderverse.

By Julian Hayden

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