Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Film Review

Sonic has raced back to the silver
screen in a sequel that takes everything that was great about the original and
charges it up. As he faces threats both new and old, Sonic makes new friends
and learns what it takes to be a real hero.

The Hedgehog 2
stars Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik and Ben Schwartz as the
voice of Sonic. The film also features Sonic veteran Colleen O’Shaunessey as
the voice of Tails and Idris Elba as the voice of Knuckles. James Mardsen and
Tika Sumpter also return as Tom and Maddie Wachowski.


I found this movie to be more than generally
acceptable. I think they did a good job of expanding on the first film. The
writers added two more classic characters and more plot elements from the lore
of Sonic. Sonic really got his time to shine in this one. Getting to see him
adventure with Tails and battle with Knuckles not just physically but also  ideologically was very fun. He’s one of the
most purely good characters in cinema right now, and it’s nice to see a hero
who is willing to save the day no matter what.

           Tails and Knuckles were both great
in the film. Knuckles was the fun and reliable sidekick he’s always been. He
was integral to the plot and one of the brightest parts of the film. He looked cool
using his powers and he also got to ride a plane, which was a nice touch.
Knuckles proved to be a worthy foil to Sonic. His character arc through the
film was good, better than I expected. I’d compare him to Drax from the GoTG films, except with his feelings of
revenge focused towards Sonic and instead of Dr. Robotnik.


           The additions of these characters,
as well as the introduction of the Chaos and Master Emeralds, are all great
ways the filmmakers have expanded the sequel with the help of the lore of
Sonic. It made the film feel bigger, and gave it the feel of an adventure film
as well as a superhero film. It also made Knuckle’s connection to Sonic more
personal, and more tragic. Also this film has a mid credits scene that
introduces another classic Sonic character that I know will be really cool.

           The other human characters have less
screen time this time around but they were still crucial to the plot. The
Wackowskis and Wade all helped Sonic and Tails save the day. I actually enjoyed
Maddie’s sister in this one more than the last one, especially when she helped
Maddie save Tales from a new secret government task force led by “Olive Garden
Guy” from the first movie. Also how Shemar Moore looks absolutely chiseled at
51 is beyond me. I need to get me one of those Hollywood personal trainers.

           This. Film. Looks. Amazing. The
animation quality is some of the best I’ve ever seen, especially in a video
game adaptation. Sonic and friends were able to keep their iconic looks from
the games while mostly looking like they could exist in our world. The hair
animation is flawless, the texture and follicles were impeccable. There’s a
moment where Sonic washes up onto a beach and the sand realistically gets stuck
in his hair. Props to the CG department because they really went all out on
this movie. It just shows that everybody working on this film really cares
about the final product.


           I knew I had to end my analysis of
the film with a bang, and what better a bang than talking about the
human-cartoon acting god that is Jim Carrey. I enjoyed every second that Jim
Carrey was on the screen. He was goofy, quirky, and absolutely unhinged. It was
as if he fully channeled his Riddler energy into his performance this time
around, because he was on a whole new level of bonkers in Sonic 2. It’s like his Riddler walked so his Dr. Robotnik could
run. If this is the last time we see Carrey on the silver screen, then he gave
us a really god damn fun one.


           In closing I highly recommend you
watch this delight in a theater. Get yourself a big ol bucket of popcorn, with
extra butter of course, and just let yourself feel joy again. Sonic exists to
bring joy to children and the parents that introduce Sonic to them. To bring
joy to the older siblings who want to show their younger siblings the fun hero
and all his friends. Sonic exists to bring people together. Paramount, keep
everyone on board, they are making the most solid video game movies to date.
And one last thing, do you have the number of Shemar Moore’s personal trainer?
I wanna have nice muscles like him. Please Paramount, help a guy out!

SCORE: 8.1/10

By Julian Hayden

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