Lightyear Special Look Reaction

Pixar has given us a look at the new film about their intergalactic hero. What did we
learn? This film will be a lot heavier than expected.

           We get a quick but detailed look at
Buzz’s suit at the start. I think Pixar did a good job of taking the design from
Toy Story and making it look like something realistic but also hi-tech.


           Is this film going to be a fun
sci-fi movie for kids? Hell no! It’s going to be a gut wrenching look at what
it takes to be a real hero. Buzz is the reason why his crew is marooned on the
dangerous planet. He refuses help from his copilot and crashes the giant ship
when they try to get off of the hostile planet the first time.

He acts very arrogant which hurts both him and everyone
else. Then what happens when he tries to save everyone again? He jumps forward
in time, leaving the fates of everyone he marooned unknown. He becomes a man
out of time where everyone he knows is most likely dead. Pixar is not playing
around with this sci-fi story.


Buzz helping Izzy and her team stop Zurg and his robot
army will be his third chance at being a hero. I bet he’s going to be learning
a lot more tough lessons in survival, ego, and comradery over the course of the

I like how everyone on the team gets their own Star
Command suits and that they each have their own colors. Not only does everyone
get new suits but they also get an arsenal of cool looking guns. At the 2:02
mark, the old lady picks up a gun called MR-8OOM, which I can only assume will
be the BFG of this movie.


Overall the special look gave us more plot details and
showed us more of the action. With each new trailer I get more and more excited
for this movie. If you want to get caught up on all things Lightyear, stay here on A7.

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