Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #2 Review


The Corinthian is anxious to get to the bottom of who the Smiling Man is, and his only hope is the young artist Madison Flynn. Hopefully she lives long enough to help him.

Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #2 is written by James Tynion IV, art by Lisandro
Estherren, colors by Patricio Delpeche, and lettering by Simon Bowland. The issue also features guest artist Andrea Sorrentino and guest colorist Jordie Bellaire.

The majority of the issue focuses on the Corinthian trying to learn about who the other nightmare with teeth for eyes is. Flynn informs him about how The Smiling Man has always been part of her life and that he must be real because she does not dream. I can already
tell that this will be a core part of the story going forward. She can’t dream but she can see nightmares.

The Corinthian doesn’t get to talk to Flynn for long because Lucien, Dream’s librarian, whisks him back to the Dreaming. Lucien has discovered that someone, or some people, are murdering people who’ve seen him. Who might they be? Well it’s our good friends Mr. Agony
and Mr. Ecstasy.

I’m aware Nightmare Country #3 is already out by now but I’m gonna quickly speculate anyway
because, well, I haven’t read it yet. I bet we will find out why Mr. Agony and Mr. Ecstasy hate the Corinthian so much. Maybe they’re former dreams themselves who have gotten out of the Dreaming. Flynn’s dichotomy of not being able to dream but being able to see nightmares will be explained, or at least developed more. Lastly, the Corinthian is going to come face to face with The Smiling Man. If none of this happens then I will eat my shoe.

I really like the use of guest artists and colorists in these comics. The segments give us a better look into the Corinthian, showing us more about who he is. This new segment shows us how this Corinthian is learning about the previous Corinthian. Long story short, this Corinthian is the replacement for the first one that escaped from the Dreaming and started murdering real people. That specific story is The Sandman Vol.2: The Doll’s House.

Nightmare Country #2 is one of those issues that’s meant to just keep the story moving. The artwork is still amazing, I’m still anxious to see where the story will go, and I’m just still happy there’s new Sandman stories being written. I wouldn’t call this issue remarkable but it is entertaining and well done. Sometimes that’s all a comic needs to be. The action is ramping up, and now we will have to see how Flynn takes on the two malicious marauders.

SCORE: 8.5/10

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