Lightyear Film Review


Andy’s favorite space hero gets the backstory that Pixar has been wanting to tell for years. Was it worth the wait and the seemingly never-ending hype train? Maybe.

The film stars Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear. Also starring in Lightyear is Uzo Aduba as Commander Hawthorne, Peter Sohn as robot cat Sox, Keke Palmer as Izzy Hawthorne, Taika Waititi as Mo Morrison, Dale Soules as Darby Steele, James Brolin as Zurg, and Efren Ramirez as Airman Diaz.

Before I go into the pros and cons, I have to point out an obviously stupid thing people are doing. If your main criticism of the film is that “there’s a lesbian couple” in the movie, thank you for sharing your shitty opinion. Now the public knows how dumb you are and can react accordingly. A film should never get a bad review because there are black or LGBTQ+ characters.

If I were to sum up this review in one sentence, I would call it, “a fine movie with some outstanding moments.” Allow me to elaborate. This film is imperfect, and there are quite a few things about it that I would change. The pacing of the film is lightning quick, like Cars 2 quick. You don’t really get a chance to catch your breath. Pixar films in the past have always had good pacing. The general rushed feeling made the film harder to digest as I watched it.

The film’s reliance on nostalgia is ever-present. Buzz says all the important lines, he has his cool suit, and he fights his old arch-nemesis. Nostalgia can only keep a film interesting for so long. When a character’s only traits outside of nostalgia are that they are a brave good guy, something needs to be reworked.

The hard science fiction elements of the film fail to make Lightyear more fun or interesting. If anything, they make the film more depressing. There’s a moment in the middle of the film that I would consider Lightyear’s Up moment. It’s a typical Pixar sad scene that affects the main character for the rest of the movie. It’s the only moment in the film that I felt grabbed me emotionally. The problem is I know that a good Pixar movie has many moments like that in their films, and they only make the movie better. The rest of the sad/important/life-lesson moments felt like checkmarks on a checklist.

It felt like Pixar was trying to do Pixar, which blew my mind. Pixar isn’t supposed to be copying itself. It should be improving on itself. I mean this is based on the Toy Story franchise, for goodness sake. It should be Toy Story good. There are also a lot of changes to the already established Buzz Lightyear lore that I, as an old person, still remember vividly.

At the risk of dogging on this movie too much, I want to go into the positives of the movie. I do like that Pixar is moving forward with the times and showcasing LGBTQ+ characters. They’re out there in the real world, so they should definitely be in movies. Let alone in movies that take place in the far future where people are hopefully less stupid and shitty.

The character and world design are all really cool looking. The suits are good, the spaceships look sick, and the laser guns are the definition of Chef’s Kiss. The side characters are good too. Buzz would be completely lost throughout the movie if they weren’t there. Sox was pretty wonderful and stole all the scenes he was in. Basically every side character was good except for Mo Morrison. Sorry Taika, I love Thor: Ragnarok and you as a person, but that guy should’ve been sent out the airlock.

Lightyear was like an experiment on how to make cool shapes move. This is a movie where things happen, and they just kinda leave you wanting more. I shouldn’t feel meh after watching a Pixar movie. I’m a little torn because I hate getting sucked into hype trains and being let down. Things should’ve been different.

SCORE: 7/10

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