Obi-Wan Kenobi Finale Review

Hello there, it’s time to wrap up Kenobi.

The last two episodes of Obi-Wan wrapped up the show’s possible freshman season nicely. They featured great character moments, an intense battle, and three of the best lightsaber fights I’ve seen since Ahsoka vs Darth Maul in Clone Wars S7.

Kenobi Episode 6 was the best of the two. It led with a bang and ended with the beginning of a long friendship. Kenobi regained his full connection to the force just in time to battle his former apprentice again. Rebels fight the empire, princesses steal the show, and Darth Vader covers everything in the shadow of the dark side.

I also enjoyed the character arc of Inquisitor Reva. A former jedi so consumed by the dark side she killed jedi in order to get her revenge on Darth Vader. Her grappling with the failure of her plan should be the biggest part of her season 2 arc should Disney make one.

Kenobi’s arc from scared hermit back to master Jedi worked on so many levels. He was broken by failure and plagued by trauma. Now he’s level headed and ready to keep training as a jedi. His final fight with Vader had the perfect mix of lightsaber coolness and emotional tension. At the same time he was the same old Kenobi. He saved innocents from the bad guys and protected the future of the galaxy.

Hayden Christensen was an absolutely necessary part of this series. He was awesome in the Attack of The Clones flashback and he was even better as Darth Vader. Star Wars wouldn’t be where it is now without him.

His scenes as Darth Vader show Disney continuing to portray Vader as a terror to the Star system. From catching a Starcruiser out of the sky to making a chump out of Reva, Vader is a warrior nobody to mess with. Before now he was just an imposing, scary guy but now it really feels like Anakin is inside the suit.

I really loved how Kenobi embraced the Prequels. They’re no longer the ugly stepchild of the Star Wars universe. They are an important part of Star Wars and, while imperfect, are a part of Lucas’s legacy.

I hope that there are more live action shows that take place during the post-Order 66/ Pre-New Hope era. I adored Rogue One and even though it’s flawed, I still had fun watching Solo. Maybe we will see The Path referenced in the upcoming Andor show. McGregor and Christensen want to do another one and I hope Disney does too.

As I wrap up the wrap up of Obi-Wan Kenobi, I feel satisfied. This was a Star Wars project driven by the unique vision of the show’s writers and director. It gave us the return of Ewan McGregor and a new wonderful Leia performance. I’m glad this series was made, and I’ll anxiously await the return of this jedi.

Ep.5: 8.9/10

Ep.6: 9.1/10

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